Dough Life // Part Two

S O M E T H I N G    F O R    T H E    D O U G H    G E E K    I N    Y O U   . . .



Props to Seth for his hard work, excellent dough skills and enigmatic thoughts...

Dough Life part 2 is just as marvellous as Dough Life part 1, but happens on the van rather than in the kitchen, once the dough has developed. The yeast been doing its thing for a while; now it’s time for Seth to do his thing. Here photographed at Bloomsbury Market, where we spend our Thursdays, Seth has balled all the dough up and then rolls it by hand to order. Gluten development in the dough is what enables him to stretch and throw the bases before he tops them. They get super-thin and super-airy with a nice chewy bite as the gluten develops and the yeast produces gas, which expands rapidly as the base cooks.

Gluten forms when glutenin and gliadin (proteins in the flour) are hydrated- it’s like a kind of elastic and enables the dough to rise and cook without falling apart. Between mixing and rolling- a period of about 48 hrs- the dough goes from brittle blobs to amazing, stretchy sourdough, ready to cook. It takes about 1 minute to cook in our oven.

We wanted to interview Seth, dough-handling-king, to find out what his take on all of this dough geekery is... But he was too busy making pizzas at the time, so these responses come via text messages after work...

1. How does it feel to have mastered the perfect scrambled eggs?

It feels amazing to have mastered the perfect scrambled eggs

2. How often do you start the day with scrambled eggs?

Once every 3 days

3. What are you thinking about when you arrive at Bloomsbury on a Thursday morning?

To remain hygienic, and to do all things that we've put in place to deliver the best product to customers

4. What is the most important thing to consider when balling dough?

Ball the correct dough, make sure they're the right weight and tight

5. What's your favourite thing about working with sourdough?

The health benefits and digestion, the taste and flexibility

6. How do you stretch and throw a pizza?

Make sure it's had enough time to rise before stretching or throwing and press fingers into it first

7. What are the most important things to remember when handling sourdough? 

Make sure your hands are washed but not covered in tons of antibacterial products because it kills the friendly bacteria in the sourdough

8. What's the biggest challenge making 70 pizzas in an hour? 

Making 70 pizzas an hour is in itself is quite a interesting task

9. What are the health benefits of pizza?

The health benefits are carby energy, brain enlightenment due to all of the amazing healthy toppings like beetroot & cavolo nero

10. How does it feel to finish a particularly intense shift? 


11. How do you wind down after a shift throwing pizza dough??

I throw some more dough to wind down

12. Any advice for dough wannabes? 

Beware, the most notorious sour-dough pizza dough is now here!