B E N S C A N T E E N // Tuesday 8th March 2016

W E L L  K N E A D E D  &   B E N S  C A N T E E N


Thank you to everyone who came along to our second Pizza and Wine night at Bens Canteen, Earlsfield.

Contrary to the suggested menu pairing, many of the gathered throng of pizza & wine aficionados paired the smooth 'Hey Mendoza' Malbec with our 'Extra Special': Trealy Farm hot-smoked pork jowl, cream, cavolo nero, buffalo mozz. and tomato.

A winning combination, we had to agree. 



Bridget, one of WK's founders, chose the BC evening as the perfect spot to hold her dad's birthday and both wine and pizza menu passed the family's inevitable & honest critiques with flying colours. Mr and Mrs Canteen themselves were also there, hiding away in the corner hoping not to be noticed as they tucked into starters of Jerusalem artichoke puree with roasted beetroot and Old Winchester, a couple of extra specials and a whopping doughnut-topped chocolate torte sundae (mmm). They may have eaten their food uninterrupted, but we thought you might enjoy a conversation between the Well Kneaded pizza-boys and Mr and Mrs (BEN) Canteen, as they tried to make their sneaky exit without being spotted...



"Hey! Are you Ben, of Ben's Canteen?" (Seth, the pizziaolo of the night, excitably shouts through a cloud of flour)

"Well, yes, yes i am" (bridles Ben, indeed of Ben's Canteen fame, also known as MR CANTEEN)

"Ha! You look NOTHING like what i imagined!" Exclaims Seth

"Yea, nothing!" Agrees Carl, nodding with a grin. (big LOL's)

"Ah.....well...." Ben chuckles... (4 years of 'face to face customer feedback' means that Ben's skin is thicker than most, and so more amused than phased-thankfully- courageously asks)

"What did you think i would look like?"


"Taller... darker......" 

(The Well Kneaded boys are truly digging themselves in... we'll leave you to imagine the awkwardness as Chris laughingly attempts a quick stem of the flow of honesty from the boys whilst Mr and Mrs C make their excuses for home.) We are inspired by Ben's calm kindness despite being at the coalface of 'the neighbourhood' with all of our changing whims... thankfully he makes some tasty stuff, so we're all kept pretty happy with our brunching and burger needs.


We'll be doing the Ben's Canteen pizza & wine nights monthly, so if you want to tune in to more pizza, wine, and general Well Kneaded japes, then get yourself down to the Earlsfield Ben's Canteen on

T U E S D A Y   2 6 TH   A P R I L   2 0 1 6 !


Because we love to do stuff with other people who live near us: (not because we're lazy, we just like it.... honest)

30 / 03 / 2 0 1 6   :  P I Z Z A  &  B E E R !

We're bringing you a 'Pizza & Beer matching' evening!

For £20 english pounds you'll be served a mega-slice (aka 1/4 of a large pizza) of four different types of pizza, matched to four different hearty beers.  You'll have 'We Brought Beer's, James Hickson himself leading you through the tasting, helping you tease out the characteristics of the mighty beers that evening. You do need to book, so head over to www.webroughtbeer.co.uk./events