Meet Sam!

Introducing Sam...


 Sam and Sir Isaac Newton at Madame Tussauds

Sam and Sir Isaac Newton at Madame Tussauds

Sam joined us last year and is our newest team member. She’s generous and fun to work with- always ready to laugh, skilled with food and good at keeping people in line at the van hatch. She’s a capable mother of two and is commonly to be heard mimicking Bridget in an unnecessarily posh accent.

L: How long have you been working at WK?

S: Just under a year, now.

L: What have been the highlights so far?

S: Learning how to make pizzas, chopping ingredients… my knife skills have got better…

L: Your knife skills are pretty awesome now. What is your favourite thing at Well Kneaded?

S: My favourite thing would be rolling dough bases and spinning pizzas in my hands. 

L: Nice, and what’s your favourite topping?

S: Seasonal Special with ‘nduja, tomato, cavolo nero and cherry tomatoes.

L: Do you like cooking outside of WK? 

S: Yep, I like cooking anywhere but I like to be with Well Kneaded because we’ve got happy faces and we do team work. 
 Sam serving a VERY happy (?) customer at Focus 2015

Sam serving a VERY happy (?) customer at Focus 2015

L: Tell us a bit about cooking at boxing…

S: It’s a bit more complicated cause we cook for young people and older people and sometimes it does get a bit like a little youth club in there and you have to control yourself to not be angry at them when they’re being rude… but you hold back and then you get on with it and it’s been going quite well lately.

L: And are you in charge of it?

S: I’m in charge of the kitchen at the moment. 

L: What’s on the menu this week?

S: We’ve got mutton and rice with coleslaw and plantain.

L: Sounds awesome. Are you the best at the boxing as well as the cooking?

S: I wouldn’t say I’m the best but I’m pretty good at what I do! 

L: What are you most looking forward to this year?

S: Getting my house and passing my driving test.