Podcast Lyfe

Waaaah, we're famous!!! Check out episode 3 of the Kerb Podcast!! We're in it! 

Our buddy Robin Leeman came down to KLS and the wagon a while back to chat to Bridget about the vision behind Well Kneaded, and then to Carl about the floury life. Listen here to find out about Well Kneaded's journey. Probably the best podcast ever. 

A nice quote to whet your appetite: "Carl Brooks ‘the floury man’ has served customers at Well Kneaded for years; not only is he integral to the business, his beaming energy and humour are vital ingredients to the full flavour of KERB."

Check out the other Kerb Life podcasts too- Robin is a brill host and each episode is a fascinating, compelling insight into the world of street food. The fried chicken episode is ace- I can't wait to track down Only Jerkin' and get my hands on some of those chicken nuggets! 

The podcasts explore some really interesting facets of street food life, and access the vast database of experience embodied by Kerb traders, the original London street food collective.


Here's a picture of Robin with a burrito:

Robin Luardos

If you want to find out more about Kerb & Street Food, head down to a Kerb market at King's Cross, London Bridge or West India Quay (esp. WIQ on Friday, where we are often at large). 

If you want to find out more about social enterprise or the Well Kneaded vision, just get in touch! 

If you want to try a pizza or hear about our pizza values, come and see us at a market somewhere! Or get us along to cook pizzas for you and your 100 friends on your birthday! 

If you want to explore more from Robin, check out fairly.media

And, obviously, listen to the rest of the Kerb Life podcasts! Well worth it! 

Cheese 1st XI update

The last published cheese First XI was drawn up prior to our wedding by food friend Peter H-Booth, with a diagram of the basic cheese production processes. Both diagram and team sheet were above the cheese table, where the strong combo of Berkswell & Membrillo (sounds like a late ‘90s Garage duo), Binham Blue, Montgomery Cheddar and a Vacherin were consumed succinctly by our guests around the time of the first dance.

 On reflection, this would be my suggested new Cheese First XI:


                                                                   11 Ricotta

                      10 Gorgonzola Dolce

9 That French one with herbs on it     7 Comte 24 months           8 Berkswell

                                                           6 Caerphilly

  4 Tunworth             2 Mull Cheddar                3 Stichelton             5 Parmesan    

                                             1 Pecorino Sardo


On the bench: Wigmore, Halloumi, Laughing Cow, Coolea, Langres    


N.B. Puns around Gorgon-Gianfranco-Zola Dolce or parallels between Caerphilly and Ryan Giggs have been deliberately excluded from the process of this.