Cheese 1st XI update

The last published cheese First XI was drawn up prior to our wedding by food friend Peter H-Booth, with a diagram of the basic cheese production processes. Both diagram and team sheet were above the cheese table, where the strong combo of Berkswell & Membrillo (sounds like a late ‘90s Garage duo), Binham Blue, Montgomery Cheddar and a Vacherin were consumed succinctly by our guests around the time of the first dance.

 On reflection, this would be my suggested new Cheese First XI:


                                                                   11 Ricotta

                      10 Gorgonzola Dolce

9 That French one with herbs on it     7 Comte 24 months           8 Berkswell

                                                           6 Caerphilly

  4 Tunworth             2 Mull Cheddar                3 Stichelton             5 Parmesan    

                                             1 Pecorino Sardo


On the bench: Wigmore, Halloumi, Laughing Cow, Coolea, Langres    


N.B. Puns around Gorgon-Gianfranco-Zola Dolce or parallels between Caerphilly and Ryan Giggs have been deliberately excluded from the process of this. 

Who is Carl?

If you've eaten a pizza from Well Kneaded in the last 5 years, there is a 97.8% likelihood that you were served by Carl, our stalwart pizzaiolo and general man of extreme joy and cheerfulness... 

We asked Carlito to write down some thoughts on life in Battersea and on working at Well Kneaded...

Hello, my name is Carl Brooks.

Let me introduce myself to you; we will go on a little journey of ‘Who is Carl?’

I was born and bred on the Winstanley estate, Battersea, in South West London, and I still live on the estate. Growing up in the Winstanley estate was always a laugh, always surrounded by large amounts of people whom I like to call my family now. People from this community, my community made this place special, in which I have many memories.

Here are some random facts to share with you guys:

·      In secondary school, I was into trampolining. I was even on the trampolining team competing in competitions, just loving bouncing up and down. It was different for me.

·      I enjoy dancing, acting, all round performing. I have done a few performances in musicals, youth open mics, council meetings, on the street.

·      I write poems. I am learning to write lyrics/songs and to make instrumentals.

·      I do photography (plug to instagram @thebrotherwiththecamera... please follow)



Now you know about me personally, it is time for you to know my Well Kneaded story:

I jumped onto the scene of Well Kneaded in January 2012, not having had a job before, which makes this my first ever job. Previously, I was doing a lot of performing and small projects around the Battersea community.

I am one of the managers. I am the one that they call ‘the pizza chef ’…… which is true, just saying. In the team, we've got something called “Gaming” meaning working away from the wagon (e.g admin, emailing, prepping ingredients etc) and my “gaming session” is dough balling: I ball the dough for markets, weddings, birthdays etc. Since I have been at Well Kneaded, I have done quite a bit, such as: Feeding thousands of people, traveling places that I have not heard of before, met new people, meeting my now best friend Ian McKellen, and international travel.

We have been to many of interesting events, here are some of my favourites:

·      David’s tent- a 72 hour festival where every single person is friendly and polite. I am always at the campfire and singing with people.

·      Innocent drinks- again… every person is friendly and polite. Like us, they care where their sourcing is from and the combo’s of fruits they are producing.

·      Celebrations- I cannot narrow it down to just one. I love birthdays, weddings etc. it is always a pleasure to cater a celebration and to be a part of it too.


The journey is not over…or under.

Keep it strong!

Keep conquering!

Word from The Brooks.


Photos by Well Kneaded & Carl Brooks

Things we're looking forward to


Somehow autumn became winter and now winter is becoming spring, and our blog has been silent!!

In the various departments of Well Kneaded we’ve had a good time over the winter. A fun team meal at Dishoom and a trip to the Aquarium to finish off 2016, lots of Christmas pizza served and some travel- variously to Japan, Suffolk, Australia, Cornwall, Beijing, Puglia. We’re well rested and excited for the year ahead! 


Here are a few things we’re looking forward to:


1. Daffodils

Not long til lots of these yellow joy-bringers everywhere, which means it's also nearly time for a Creme Egg...

2. Dough

The journey, the flavour: we’ve been testing and developing, learning new tricks, still sure that our sourdough is one of the best tasting in London. 

3. Workshops

We’ve been working hard to put together a workshop programme that is full of entertainment, interesting science, tasty morsels and hands-on experience. Get in touch to book! 


The original London street food family- so many amazingly skilled traders serving exceptional, better-than-restaurant food! Currently a bit obsessed with @curryonfood curry and chips.

5. Opening a shop

If all goes to plan. 

6. Jasper Johns at the RA

7. National Pizza Day 2018

Only 51 weeks to go! There will be pizza giveaways!


We hope you’re ready for a great year too! Please come and say hi to us if you’re near Ladbroke Grove/Bloomsbury/Canary Wharf on a Weds/Thurs/Fri; we’d love to see you! Keep an eye on our various social media outlets for more info!